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Vinotron Electric Powered Pasting Machine With Stainless Steel Hopper

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The Vinotron 

The Vinotron is the Electric Powered Pasting Machine for Vinyl and other Wall Coverings.  

Over 40 Years of Proven Performance

Reduce Time and Labor

Perfect for Work Coordination of One or More Persons

For Use With Clear and Clay Based Mastic

Allows Continuous Day to Day Use With Little or No End of Day Cleanup

Accepts a Wide Range of  Wall Coverings

Programmable Electronic Touch Screen Controller, Electronic Job Tracking, Sheet Counter, Total Yardage Counter, Memory Recall, Jog to Alignment 

Superior Power Coat Finish, Stainless Steel and Corrosion Resistant Design

Large High Capacity Lockable Casters, robust Leg Stance, Compact Overall Length for Ease Into Elevators

Folding Leg Latch System, Dual Hand Triggers Automatically Latch in Position, Powerful Precise Motor

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